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Images for VIN emails and newsletters
created with BeePro

VINthisWeek in peru, in - Welcome to our site!This eVetSite serves as the online location of images used in VIN emails and newsletters. It is not an 'active' website.

Images used in emails created with BeePro must have a public URL in order to be sent through MailBlaster.

Images provided by or uploaded to BeePro will not be visible in your email (readers will see a small red x where the image should be).

Each group currently creating emails with BeePro has it's own dedicated album and those are listed at the top of this page. To access your album, click on your group or publication name.

Below are some eVetSites help documents that will help you learn how to work with the photo albums on this site:


Adding Photos to your Photo Album

Add Sub-Albums to your Photo Album

Uploading and Inserting Images